Map of Finland

Take a look at where you will be traveling!

Can you find some of the key destinations in Finland? Here are some tips:

  • Helsinki, the capitol of Finland, can be found in the very Southern part of Finland with Tallinn just a short boat ride away.

  • Tampere, the second largest city in Finland, is North of Helsinki yet still in the Southern part of Finland.

  • Zoom in on the Tampere region and you will find the small town of Orivesi, the home of Adventure Apes and host location of our Live like a local - Finland Homestay tour!

  • Lapland is a region in the most Northern part of Finland. Some consider the city of Rovaniemi as the gateway to Lapland. This region is especially known for winter adventures.

  • Kuusamo is just at the border of Lapland and is the home to Adventure Apes Lodge, our home base for adventures in Northern Finland and offering accommodations and activities for travellers and locals alike.

Want to explore Finland further? Take a tour of Finland, region by region with the This is Finland interactive map. Or, better yet, book a tour and experience Finland for yourself!