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Adventure Apes has been featured in news stories and blogs around the world. We have also served as a guide to support the production of documentaries on Finland such as those created by Zahariz Khuzaimah, the 'Malaysian Nomad' in his series Finnish Lapland: Bumi Misteri.



Ice Swimming Survived!

21 April 2018 - German is all about the beauty and uniqueness of Finland. We were delighted when she join our Sauna and Swimming Tour and wrote about her expereince. She says her experience made her think about how Gin must feel when it hit a glass full of ice. "It's a summer feeling."

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Adventure Apes visits Hörtsän Arboretum

27 March 2018 - Finnish & Italian

The Finnish TV YLE series 'Egenland' visited one of favorite destinations for tours that start at the Adventure Apes Guesthouse in Orivesi. We happened to be there with adventurers from Italy who shared their thoughts about Finland on camera. One word: magical.

Viewing tip: Hörtsän Arboretum introduction begins at 7:48 (Finnish) and our guests speak at 12:33 (Italian with Finnish subtitles).


Orivesi Homestay in Visit Finland Top 15

19 January 2018 - Finnish

Oriveden Sanomat (the local Adventure Apes newspaper) recently shared the news about Adventure Apes' recognition in the top Finland tours. 

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10 things to do in Tampere

4 September 2017- German

Adventure Ape's Guided Sauna and Swimming Tour in Tampere landed in the 10 things to do list by German travel blogger Romy.



Finnish blueberry forest is a treasure for foreigners

26 August 2017 - Finnish & English

Finland's national television station, YLE News, joined Adventure Apes in the forest on a blueberry picking adventure connecting foreigners and Finnish Grandmothers.



Ulkomaalaisille suomalainen mustikkametsä on arvokas aarre

Ylen toimittaja lähti mukaamme mustikkametsään yhdessä kansainvälisen ryhmämme ja paikallisten mummujen kanssa.


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Die Stadt zwischen zwei Seen

5 August 2017 - German

A little bit of Finland made it into this german newspaper. 

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Travel review: Moomin’ marvellous time in Finland

27 July 2017 - English


Sarah Marshall from The Mail, a UK-based newspaper, recently joined us for a Guided Sauna and Swimming Tour after a fun day at the Moomin Museum. The (now famous) quote from our guide Heidi, “There is always room for one [more in the sauna].”

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Outdoor life in Finland

Summer 2017 - Japanese

Adventure Apes our dear partner Elämyspalvelut Nostalgia spent a day with Serendip Travel from Japan and ended up in the storyline.  It was a beautiful day spent with great people including many locals who joined us to help show Serendips' readers the most authentic side of Finland.


Things to do in Tampere, Finland

Spring 2017 - English

Travel Dave is the UK's leading solo adventure travel blogger. He joined us for a Sauna and Swimming Tour at Rauhaniemi public sauna and placed the stop in his top things to do in Tampere. 

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