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Want to spend a night in the snow?

The weather forecast is promising snow!

Would you like to build your own quinzee (self-made igloo)? Would you dare to sleep in it? This is your chance to do it! 

Join us to build some quinzees at Niihaman Maja in Tampere on Valentines Day. This will be a guided activity for 24 hours and all the meals, winter clothes and special gear are included.



  • 9.00 Briefing and morning coffee at Niihaman Maja Outdoor Recreational Area: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and traditional rye breakfast sandwich
  • 9.30 Start building your own quinzee in pairs
  • 12.00 Ice fishing and lunch: Homemade vegetable soup with Finnish breads
  • 14.00 The building process continues
  • 16.00 Late afternoon snack at outdoor fireplace: Black-pot coffee and makkara (sausages)
  • 16.30 The building process continues
  • 18.00 Traditional wood-heated sauna (men and women can go to the sauna separately, swim suits are welcome if it makes you more comfortable)
  • 19.15 House warming party at your new home for the night
  • 19.30 Traditional Finnish dinner around the Niihaman Maja fireplace
  • 20.30 Time to enjoy your new home and go to sleep


  • 7.15 Wake up call
  • 7.30 Feedback session and buffet breakfast
  • 8.00 Time to say goodbye


125 euros / per person. 
The price includes full-time guidance of a professional guide, winter clothes, winter boots, sauna, towel, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, all the meals and all the special gear needed (also for winter fishing). Indoor toilets are accessible nearby the camp and the cafe facilities will remain open in case of a sleepless night. 

Booking & Payment

Advance booking is required. Sign in by joining this event on Facebook and leaving a comment on the event page. Payment is accepted by cash, credit card or invoice

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Minimum number of participants: 2 persons
Maximum number of participants: 8 persons

Please note

Adventure Apes reserves the right to cancel/postpone the event due to weather and/or safety reasons. If the event is canceled/postponed no payments will be collected.

Further information

Heidi Savolainen
Owner and Adventure Guide
+358 40 770 9874