....Dance Under the Midnight Sun ..Tanssi keskiyön auringon alla....

....Dance Under the Midnight Sun ..Tanssi keskiyön auringon alla....


....2 days, 1 night

This ultimate introduction to Finnish culture takes you from Helsinki to the beautiful countryside of Orivesi. Your adventure will start with a private lesson in traditional Finnish social dancing followed by an evening of dancing and fun with the locals. Before returning to Helsinki the following day, you’ll get one final unique view of Finnish culture.

Highlights include:

  • Learn Finnish social dances with a private guide at a dance hall on the lake
  • Try your new moves: Join the locals for an evening of dance under the glow of the midnight sun
  • Stay in a beautiful Finnish home in the countryside, get to know the owners, and enjoy traditional dishes
  • Learn about the quirky side of Finnish culture at the local meeting place: the rug washing station


2 päivää ja 1 yö

Tämä seikkailu vie sinut Helsingistä Suomen sydämeen Orivedelle, jossa koet Suomen kulttuurin ainutlaatuisella tavalla. Seikkailu alkaa henkilökohtaisella opastuksella perinteisiin suomalaisiin tansseihin, jonka jälkeen liitymme paikallisten ihmisten joukkoon tanssimaan legendaarisen Rönnin tanssilavalle. Ennen kuin palaat Helsinkiin seuraavana päivänä, saat vielä toisenkin maistiaisen suomalaiseen kulttuuriin.


  • Opi perinteisiä suomalaisia lavatansseja henkilökohtaisen oppaan johdolla upealla Rönnin tanssilavalla järven rannalla
  • Tanssi paikallisten ihmisten kanssa keskiyön auringon alla
  • Asu kauniissa suomalaisessa kodissa maaseudun rauhassa, tutustu paikaillisiin ihmisiin ja syö paikallisia ruokia
  • Opi lisää suomalaisesta kulttuurista ja tapaa ihmisiä perinteisellä kesäisellä kokoontumispaikalla mattojenpesupaikalla


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Experience the real Finnish culture under the Midnight Sun

You will start this unique adventure from Helsinki where you will meet your private guide Helena at the main railway station. Together, you will travel by train to the countryside of Orivesi. Here, you will meet Adventure Apes guide and owner, Heidi, who will warmly welcome you to her beautiful home. After settling into your double rooms decorated in the Finnish style you will enjoy a traditional homemade lunch made with local ingredients.

Make a traditional sauna vihta

Before heading to the dance hall,  Heidi will show you how to make a sauna whisk, a special accessory you will need for your evening sauna. The vihta looks a bit like the end of a broom and is made from young birch twigs tied together. It is used to gently whip yourself during the sauna and creates a relaxed feeling before going to sleep. We know it sounds strange, but it is just one of those things you will need to try for yourself!

Visit dancehall Rönni for private, social dance lessons

With lunch complete and vihtas prepared, we will hit the road for the legendary dancehall Rönni, which is located next to a lake. The dance hall was built in 1949; you will learn all about its history, dance traditions and some legendary Finnish stories while enjoying your welcoming drinks.

Time to dance! Helena, our professional dance teacher, will show you the steps of Finnish social dances such as the Finnish Tango and other favorites. After your 1,5 hour lesson, you will enjoy dinner at the restaurant on the first floor and have the chance to take a short walk along the lake.

Join locals for an evening dance

Soon you will see the locals arriving for the dance party and you will have a chance to practice your dancing skills to the rhythm of the live band. After you have danced and mingled to your heart’s content, your guide will drive you back to the guest house. If you want, we can even stop along the way for a midnight swim under the stars.

Back at the guesthouse, we will grill some snacks over an open fire and share our experiences of the unforgettable evening. You will also have a chance to try out your sauna whisks and relax in the sauna after the day of dancing.

Local culture: The rug washing station

The next day we will have a lazy morning as your guide cooks you a big breakfast with local berries, Karelian pies and other local favorites.  You will once again experience local culture at the traditional meeting place: the rug washing station. Here, you will have a chance to try rug washing the traditional way while helping the local seniors wash their rugs.

Museum stop

Later, we will visit Kallenautio museum where you will hear stories from the old days and enjoy a soup lunch in an old tavern which started to operate as early as 1778. You will also have a chance to buy some local handicrafts or feed the friendly sheep.

Heidi will drive you back to the train station after enjoying homemade blueberry pie back at the guest house. You will travel back to Helsinki with Helena who will be happy to share with you her favorite travel tips for Finland’s capital city.

Summer 2018 Dates

This tour is offered only four times in summer 2018, coordinated with local dances which happen on Wednesday evenings.

  • 4-5 July 2018
  • 11-12 July 2018
  • 18-19 July 2018
  • 25-26 July 2018


Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Starting and finishing point: Helsinki Main Railway Station
Group size: 4-6
Gear needed: Normal clothing, personal toiletries, swimming suit.
Experience level: Everyone is welcome, the lessons will be adjusted to your experience level
Transportation: Transfers by train from Helsinki to Orivesi and local transfers in Orivesi are included in the tour price.
Tour language: English or Finnish (other languages available on request)
Booking: Pre-booking is highly recommended, tours are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This tour is offered only four times in summer 2018:

  • 4-5 July 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday)
  • 11-12 July 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday)
  • 18-19 July 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday)
  • 25-26 July 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday)


499 euros per person

Price includes all the transportation, meals and activities mentioned in the program as well as a professional guide to accompany you round trip from Helsinki.